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Telemetry Enabled Products:
Telemetry is a technology that allows remote measurement and recording of information. It can be a very useful tool when it is necessary to optimize a system's performance in environments where connected or cabled measurement is not practical. Desert RC (DRC) is introducing the first of a series of telemetry enabled products with the 2-Channel Standard Mixer, or SM2. A Telemetry Recorder will soon be available which will be able to write telemetry data from many different sensors to a small memory card that can be removed from a vehicle and read by a PC computer using a standard card reader.

Requires the DRC-Link for Programming.
Product DISCONTINUED Do the mixing that cannot be done on your transmitter:
The SM2 is a two channel servo mixer that is made to work with the finest and most accurate RC systems on the market. With its 16,000 point resolution, the SM2 provides smooth operation with no surprises. No glitches, no twitches, just smooth and clean operation. Use it with high frequency gyros and fast digital servos for blazing fast responsiveness. The output frequency from the SM2 can be set anywhere from 50Hz to 300Hz on each channel independently. The input to the SM2 can also support frequencies from 50Hz to 300Hz, and none of the inputs or outputs need to be synchronized in any way. The SM2 provides both mixing and gain control which you will not find on any other mixer to our knowledge.
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Product DISCONTINUED Connect your PC:
The DRC-Link is a smart USB device that plugs into your PC Computer to allow custom configurations to be programmed into DRC products. This device provides the real-time scheduling of telemetry commands to DRC products connected on the DRC-Bus, and provides network information to the PC so that the PC can communicate to several DRC telemetry products at the same time. The DRC-Bus allows up to 31 telemetry enabled products to be connected at any one time. Click here for more information about the DRC-Link.

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